Biosolids Composting

Sustainable Generation has helped waste water treatment plant operators, municipalities and policy makers with everything needed to get started in biosolids composting and assisted them throughout design, construction, operation, meeting compliance, and beyond. Our goal is to make what is right for the environment right for business too.

Our proven scalable biosolids composting solutions, utilizing the GORE® Cover, are backed by firsthand owner-operator knowledge and the reliability of twenty years of successful application.

Our Solutions Deliver

  • Lowest total cost of ownership – lower capital costs and ongoing operational expenses
  • Most flexible design – design references 2,000 to 1,000,000 tons per year
  • Treatment costs per ton are lower compared to other systems and treatment methods
  • Simple operation / low energy consumption
  • Compost quality – produces Class A compost / achieves highest quality product in shortest time
  • Regulatory compliance – Meets PFRP, VAR, Hygiene and ABPR EPA 503: Alt 5: Use of PFRP [503.32(a)(7) and (B)(1) of   Appendix B]

Covered or Uncovered?

Let us show you how any uncovered Aerated Static Pile can be converted for use with the GORE® Cover System

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