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Commercial Composting, Biosolids Composting & Food Waste Compost Systems

Sustainable Generation delivers clean-tech commercial composting systems to the private and public sectors. Our food waste compost systems and biosolids composting systems work to efficiently convert organic waste streams into renewable resources. Proven processes transform food waste, yard waste, animal waste and wastewater biosolids into high-quality, high-value compost, soil products, fertilizers and renewable energy.

Today, more than 95% of food waste waste ends up in landfills. Once there, it creates methane gas contributing to global warming caused by greenhouse gases. Runoff from untreated organic such as animal waste and biosolids land applications contaminate waterways and is a source of nutrient loading. The founder and CEO of Sustainable Generation, Scott Woods, has brought together what he learned from his experience with commercial composting and farming to tackle the issue of organic waste recycling head-on. His goal is to make what is right for the environment right for business, too.

Shipping organic waste to landfills clearly impacts the environment in a negative way, but it also removes a valuable product from the market. At Sustainable Generation, we know commercial composting solutions are right for the environment and good for business. Not only are we able to help businesses keep their organic waste out of landfills and prevent polluting of our waterways, we are able to help them turn their food waste compost and biosolids composting products into marketable, profitable, sustainable resources.

At Sustainable Generation, we offer a variety of waste-conversion products and services for both the food waste and biosolids composting markets. Our SG Mobile™ System is flexible and movable, making it great for seasonal, pilot and demonstration projects. The SG Mini™ System and SG MidRange™ System are small to medium scale affordable entry-level systems, while the SG Mega™ System is perfect for companies that need industrial scale, continuous waste conversion solutions. In addition, our experience staff can deliver a variety of services to solve any commercial composting challenge.

No matter your organic waste needs, we've got you covered. We've helped dozens of businesses design, build, and operate new commercial composting systems, retrofit existing food waste compost and biosolids composting facilities to state-of-the art technologies at existing sites. Our philosophy at Sustainable Generation is that viable food waste compost systems and biosolids composting operations should solve both the economic and environmental issues faced by society while producing high-quality nutrient rich compost and soils.

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