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See how SG Solar® works with the SG Mobile® System on an active landfill

As the only Authorized GORE® Cover Sales and Service Provider for North America, Sustainable Generation delivers not only first hand owner/operator knowledge but also the reliability of the proven GORE® Cover System:

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GORE® Cover

The GORE® Cover is centered on membrane laminate technology similar to that of the company’s world famous GORE-TEX® fabric used in outerwear and footwear. The microporous membrane impacts air permeability and the extraction of moisture during composting – it prevents the compost from becoming too dry or too wet. It allows for an even distribution of air, thus ensuring optimal temperatures are achieved throughout the heaps.

Official certificates and approvals have been granted to the GORE® Cover for:

  • Delivering “in-vessel” performance (without the need for a building or roofed structure) in the United States and Canada
  • Meeting strict PFRP and high quality compost standards
  • Obtaining Animal By-Product Approval
  • Meeting strict regulatory emissions compliance standards worldwide.

Aeration & Leachate Collection

Composting is a biological process with naturally occurring batch-by-batch variations in input material. The oxygen-controlled positive aeration system automatically adapts the aeration intensity to these batch variations and to the changing oxygen demand in the course of a composting cycle. There are two on floor aeration pipes under each heap. These pipes serve as ducts to provide air to the heap.

Leachate is effectively managed in two ways: Separation of stormwater from leachate – is achieved by physically covering the organic material with the GORE® Cover and sealing it to the ground. Leachate collection – is achieved by placing a compost and mulch berm around the heap to capture and absorb any leachate that escapes from under the cover. This berm material is then reintroduced to the beginning of the process.


Control System

The control system monitors oxygen and temperature within the heaps to create an optimal environment for the microbes by controlling the amount of oxygen. This technology also makes for the most cost-efficient processing. The covered aerated static pile design has lower energy consumption compared to negative aeration, reverse aeration and timed positive aired systems. It also reduces or eliminates the need for a costly, high-energy consumption biofilter.

The software system automatically gathers all the necessary regulatory data. It monitors temperatures by date, time and heap to produce regulatory reports that help make the compliance reporting process very simple.



Each heap has forced aeration through the on floor aeration piping system that provides air to the composting material. The blower is regulated by the control system, so it automatically cycles on and off. The control system constantly monitors the oxygen and temperature in the heaps to create an optimal environment for the microbes to do their work by controlling the amount of oxygen in the heaps.

SG Solar® provides electricity to power the composting system by capturing the sun’s light energy on multiple sets of solar panels
The solar panels are installed on a movable ground mount rack so they can be transported from cell to cell around the landfill as the landfill changes.
The energy is stored in a collection of batteries inside the solar shelter to be used day or night and during all types of weather.
The energy acquired from the SG Solar® system is then used to operate the SG Mobile® composting technology.
At the core of this technology is the SG Mobile® System with GORE® Covers and this is how it works.
On their own, compost piles can cause unpleasant odors and emit harmful emissions such as VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and GHGs (greenhouse gases)...
…contribute to groundwater contamination…
…and at commercial sites, take up a lot of space and cause inconsistencies in production.
The SG Mobile® System with GORE® Covers is different
It is a high tech composting solution that begins with the microporous GORE® cover itself…
…and a system that helps exponentially accelerate the natural composting process through positive aeration and an oxygen control system.
To maintain an optimal environment, in all climate conditions, the control system monitors oxygen and temperature in the heaps…
…and a blower automatically injects air through the on floor aeration piping system, when necessary, to assure ideal conditions.
A compost and mulch berm is placed around the heap to capture and absorb any leachate that escapes from under the cover. This material is then reintroduced into the beginning of the process.
In up to 8 weeks, the result is valuable, nutrient-rich compost.