Ben Fredregill

October 13, 2017

Ben immersed himself in compost operations training and acquired hands-on experience through demonstration projects upon his decision to enter the industry and joining Sustainable Generation (SG) in 2012. He has gone on to manage over a dozen projects since then. In addition to being a USCC Certified Compost Operator, Ben has been responsible for project planning, implementation, and post-sales technical support for SG including the company’s Service Checks that provide proactive support at our customer’s sites. He is a certified Six Sigma Blackbelt and leads SG’s efforts to incorporate ‘big data’ analytics into SG’s composting support and service model for the GORE® Cover customers in North America. He is the former CFO for a dry foods and organic spice manufacturer/wholesaler. Ben has over 25 years of experience developing and executing strategies in the consulting, food wholesaling, information technology, and organics recycling industries. Ben was a colleague of SG founder and CEO Scott Woods at Sun Microsystems, with relevant work experience in the finance, operations, and customer service areas. He has a B.A. in Business Economics from Colorado College and an MBA from the University of Colorado Leeds School of Business.