Mid Valley Disposal, Kerman CA

Proving Value of Composting Manufacturing Process

The Challenge

Mid Valley Disposal Creates Composting Manufacturing Process

As of 2014, Mid Valley Disposal had no previous composting experience and wanted to create a Compost Manufacturing Process capable of composting food waste.

Project Details

  • Ownership: Mid Valley Disposal
  • Location: Kerman, California
  • Start-Up: Demonstration: 2014 / Full Scale: 2017
  • Product: SG Bunker™ System with GORE® Covers
  • Input quantity: 60,000 TPY
  • No. of Heaps: 16 Bunkers, 12 covered, 164 ft. x 27 ft. x 12 ft. each
  • Treatment Time: 8 weeks in 3 phases
  • Aeration: In-ground
  • Control Parameters: Oxygen Control Mode
  • Input material: Source Separated Organics / Yard Waste
  • Equipment: Pre-Treatment (Grinders) / Front-end-loaders / Mobile Screen
  • End Product: High Quality Finished Compost


Hear First Hand...

We had no composting experience so conducting a demonstration project with Sustainable Generation greatly enhanced our understanding of food waste composting and helped us immensely with our subsequent expansion design process. It really made a difference, during the selection process, that SG’s technology was already a proven solution for meeting VOC emission reductions for our San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District. Jonathan Kalpakoff, VP Mid Valley Disposal

The SG Solution

Proving the Scale of SG's Systems

Mid Valley Disposal (MVD) implemented a SG Mobile™ System with GORE® Covers (covered aerated static pile) Pilot-Scale Demonstration Project in 2014 as a way to test the following:

  • SG 8-Week Compost Manufacturing Process
  • Food Waste Composting

The MVD Pilot-Scale Demonstration Project helped MVD to learn the end-to-end organics composting process and also enabled them to test the constraints, abilities, mix ratios and all other requirements, including odor and VOC emission control, to decide whether or not they wanted to enter into organics composting operations.  In addition to other standards, MVD’s facility needed to meet the GHG emission reductions (Rules 4465 and 4466) required by the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District.

MVD selected Sustainable Generation’s SG Mobile™ with GORE® Covers because it was already a proven solution for meeting VOC emission reductions for the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District.

The demonstration project resulted in MVD’s decision to start a composting operation and it also validated their choice of the SG Bunker™ with GORE® Covers as the product to use for their full scale operation.  Additionally, lessons learned during the demonstration project helped MVD gain valuable input for the full-scale facility design process. They learned that because of their hot, dry environment, it would be necessary to add water to the process, so they had water piping designed into the new facility saving time and money for their full-scale operation.  Also of value was the education the demonstration project provided regarding the vital importance of the front-end source separation collection and transportation components.

Results Delivered

A Sustainable Solution with True Scale

Mid Valley Disposal’s full-scale facility was the first facility in the Central Valley for diverting large volumes of food scraps in order to meet Californian’s organic diversion mandates.

MVD received a $3 million grant from CalRecycle as part of the funding for their full-scale, 16-bunker, 60,000 TPY compost facility. CalRecycle, through their 2014-2015 Greenhouse Gas Reduction Organics Grant Program, awarded MVD the grant to help expand the infrastructure needed to recycle greater amounts of organic material in California.

In August 2017, MVD was awarded a second, 2016-2017 CalRecycle grant in the amount of $1,875,000 through the same grant program to help with MVD’s 8-bunker expansion that is in the permitting phase.

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