SG Mobile®

This simple, low-cost option is the best solution for your demonstration/pilot project, small system or community composting needs. We teach you how to secure feedstocks, compost, comply and find end-user markets before you invest in a full-scale system. For some, this is a final solution.

The Sustainable Generation (SG) team fully supports you the whole way through – mobilization, configuration, on-site support and operational support. A quality product that meets all regulations, with a report to prove it, is all part of the SG Mobile® offering. There is no need to invest in costly infrastructure or find end markets without assistance. With SG’s expertise and guidance, the whole process is simple, fast, economical and efficient – and we can help you scale up if that is what is intended to come next for you.

  • 100 or 250 tons per batch
  • Multiple systems can be used together for continuous processing capacity
  • Leachate collection & management
  • Moisture management
  • Meets compliance
  • Solar power option
  • Process cycle time – up to 8 weeks
  • Very small footprint and mobile – yes, it can be moved!
  • Aeration – above or in ground
  • All feedstocks
  • Effective in all climate conditions
  • Low energy requirement – can run on 110/240/480 volt power

Covered or Uncovered?

Let us show you how any uncovered Aerated Static Pile can be converted for use with the GORE® Cover System

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